Following are descriptions of some assignments that FCSL has fulfilled to this point in time:

Province of Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour – Green Plan Implementation Steering Committee – facilitation of planning session.

Reference: Lorrie Roberts.

Province of Nova Scotia Intergovernmental Affairs/Protocol Office - developed and delivered a team building retreat. Approximately 20 participants.

Reference: Bob Fowler, DM.

Province of Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour - Policy Division - facilitation of planning meeting.

Reference: Barbara Jones-Gordon, Executive Director.

Designed and facilitated employee and employer stakeholder input meetings for the Worker's Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

Designed and facilitated processes for large industry associations to allow them to develop implementable strategic plans.

Facilitated a number of planning sessions for the senior management of a Federal Government Department programme.

Provided focus group moderation services to a market research firm for a wide variety of clients and at locations throughout North America.

Developed and delivered customized team building sessions for a variety of clients.

Worked with senior staff and management to develop a process and then facilitate a number of joint planning sessions between Health Canada and the Innu communities of Sheshatshui and Natuashish (the relocated Community of Davis Inlet).

Designed and facilitated interested stakeholders through a process, which led to recommendations to Halifax Regional Municipality as to what should be done with an important property within its jurisdiction.

Provided facilitation services to a number of Federal Government Departments for a variety of purposes.

Provided leadership coaching to a manager in a large, private financial services organization.

Developed and delivered several training workshops on topics such as: team building, facilitation skills, emotional intelligence, leadership, problem solving, communications, Myers-Briggs.