Leadership Coaching

This is an area of practice that allows FCSL to utilize many parts of its expertise and experience.

From an experience perspective, the many years of facilitating and training a wide variety of organizations and teams with a wide variety of leaders has provided a wealth of knowledge and insight into this area.

From an expertise perspective, specific tools such as the MBTI and EQi are very useful in working in this area.

The approach that FCSL has found effective in delivering in this area, has been to combine personal knowledge, experience and expertise to carefully analyze the needs of the client whether it be a team, organization or individuals and then arrive at a suggested go forward strategy.

This approach is felt to be particularly important when in a one on one leadership coaching assignment.

This is a very interesting and challenging service.

The relationship between the client (leader) and the consultant is crucial.

One size does not fit all:

- each leader is assumed to be a unique individual with particular strengths, challenges, goals and areas for growth.

- each working environment, whether private or public has its own unique nature.

Reflecting on these two points above, it is obvious that every coaching engagement must be approached with customization in mind.

FCSL has a simple goal of attempting to help this individual become the best leader he/she can be. Interaction between leader and client is completely confidential.