Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Have you ever said to yourself:

I just do not understand where this person is coming from?

Why does it always take us so long to come to a consensus?

How could they look at the same information I did and come to that conclusion?


That person is so easy to talk to!

It just seems like we connect so easily.

We see eye to eye on almost everything.*

FCSL describes working with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as an "aha" experience for its clients.  The insight and awareness gained through this proven tool will allow you to answer the above questions and relate to the statements made.

FCSL can provide qualified expertise in this very effective personality type area. FCSL has been qualified and working with this instrument for many years. It has been very insightful and useful in working in such areas as: team building, communications, leadership, decision-making and improving working relationships.

FCSL administers, evaluates, trains and coaches in this area.