Province of Nova Scotia Consulting/Training Standing Offer Information

Corporate Profile

Name of Company and Registry of Joint Stock Companies Number:

Feltmate Consulting Services Limited - RJSC # 1928776

Years of Operation: 24      (Financially Stable)

Expertise: Strong facilitation and training background and experience. Please review the Services and Experience pages.


This is a one person operation. The best possible environmental practices are exercised within this framework. Doing business with other NS base bsuinesses is always a preference. Contribute to social equity through free services to community organizations such as church groups and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Most often are delivering services at client locations. Observe and support whatever sustainability programs they have in place.

Facilitator: Grant Feltmate. This is primarily a one person operation, although Grant has strong contacts with other facilitator/trainers whom he can bring to an assignment should the circumstances require same.

Training Courses

Philosophy: See our approach. The methodology states here is relevant to either straight facilitation services or training. The result becomes that virtually every assignment is customized to the clients needs.

Diversity Policy: all participants are treated with respect.

Customer Satisfaction Policy: This issue has never arisen. That having been stated customer satisfaction is a huge priority for our services, thus if the issue did arise we would be committed to resolving it to the customers satisfaction.

Provincial Experience and References

Province of Nova Scotia Chief Information Office - developed and delivered a team building retreat (9/24/09 - Oak Island Inn) as well as several  Values  workshops (12/10/09, 12/14 - 12/16/09, 2/1/10 - Halifax) for this new entity.

Reference: Miriam O'Brien. 424-0236

Province of Nova Scotia Public Service Commission – developed and delivered a number of Myers Briggs  workshops for provincial employees (10/17/08, 2/20/09, 3/30/09) as well as the staff of the Learning and Development centre (6/25/09).

Reference: Carrie Forbes. 424-8384

Province of Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Workforce Development - Policy Division - facilitation of Injured Workers Asssociation meetings (3/27/09, 4/20/09).

Reference: Barbara Jones-Gordon. 424-8466